Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi and their motorcycles

Ferrari 900 motorcycle,

Only one bike has ever officially worn Ferrari’s emblem. And that motorcycle is the Ferrari 900.
Ferrari 900 motorcycle,
The bike makes a claimed 105 HP at 8,000 RPM and has a 0 – 100KPH time under 3 seconds. The rumors are that top speed is 159 MPH (256 KPH).
Despite the bike having the Ferrari badge, it wasn't built by Ferrari whatsoever. The bike was handcrafted by two motorcycle engineers; David Kay and Rodney Milson. Kay then sent off a letter to Ferrari and asked for permission to build a motorcycle in honor of Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari and unbelievably, the company responded and none other than Enzo Ferrari’s son Piero Ferrari gave his approval and wished Kay good luck with his project.
Ferrari 900 motorcycle,
Ferrari's closest competitor Lamborghini developed a motorcycle in 1986 called the Lamborghini Design 90. Similarly to Ferrari, the build was mostly outsourced and more strangely held a Kawasaki engine. It too never took off, and Lamborghini ended up selling it to Crysler in 1987.

Lamborghini motorcycle,

Here are more car maker bikes.

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