RS 660 Special: the beginning of a new era for the Aprilia RS

There’s been a kind of chill running up and down our spine for the last two months or so, more or less ever since we first laid our eyes on the unconventional lines of the Aprilia RS 660 Concept bike unveiled during the worldwide preview held at EICMA 2018. This is a feeling that we racers only get whenever something really special is going on within Aprilia.

DNA doesn’t lie and the RS 660 is far more than just an exercise in styling! What we’re talking about here is a quantum leap into a totally new concept of Aprilia-branded sportiness with a modern touch, a revolution that is destined to expand Aprilia’s range of models and redefine its values for a new generation of bikers
We here at #bearacer club will certainly be keeping an even closer eye on the process than anyone else will!

In order to ensure that we kick off on the right foot, we asked Aprilia Product Marketing Manager and diehard biker, Diego Arioli, to tell us where it all began and what the future holds in terms of the development of the RS 660 project.

First of all, what is your role in a project such as this?
«My job is to bring together all of the company’s various departments to come up with a concept for any new products that may be in the pipeline. Simply put, this means getting everyone on the same pageThe basic idea for a new project can come from various different sources: sometimes from the Styling Centre, sometimes from the possibility of exploiting a new technical opportunity, sometimes as a result of requests from a specific market, or even as a response to customers’ needs. I always have to keep my ear to the ground in order to know what’s going on, so that I can then get everyone involved and synthesize all the various needs into something that actually makes sense. 
The Aprilia RS 660 Concept has already created a stir, but this is just the tip of the iceberg because once it goes into production, it’s going to be a complete product that takes all of the various prerogatives into account».

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